Kryptonite 3 doors down слушать

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3 Doors Down — Kryptonite

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3 Doors Down — Here Without You

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3 Doors Down — Kryptonite lyrics (HD)

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I do not own this song, 3 doors down does. there a great band and i hope you enjoy…

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Kryptonite 3 doors down слушать: 19 комментариев

  1. Василек Васильева:

    This song gives me chills every time I listen to this. And I always scroll through pictures of Melissa Benoist as supergirl

  2. Денис Тахаутдинов:

    you sing very well, I would like to hear you interpret » Perfect » by Hedley, I’m sure it would be a great success

  3. Eddy2303541 Minich:

    Supavegitto (the guy who made this) inspired me to get into editing 15 years ago in high school. Come check out my videos

  4. Иван мишин:

    If I go crazy will you still call me Raphael……. Long live the archangels council death before dishonor

  5. Lawrence Goldstein:

    I can’t believe My HUSBAND song this in my FACE & SAID FOREVER like burning YOUR BIBLE RIGHT? Doesn’t this singer look like My Brother!

  6. asus asusov:

    great song. but the video doesn’t fit the song. its about puberty, and how boys(and girls) is hanging out with freinds and getting a life self. its about children «moving on» form there parents

  7. Марк Warface TM:

    this is the true superman a superman plagued by doubts and fears he might the be the perfect human but he’s still human after all wish the movies would actually explore this side of him

  8. Денис Кривошеев-2:

    these are great lyrics for pretty good song. Too bad the video sucks balls. MAN 3 Doors Down was one crappy band

  9. Eugeny Hildebrand:

    This song rocks!! Sadly though it reminds me of my brother that we lost to drug addiction last year…The part where they talk about staying out with his friends. and how he breaks into «i’m trying to be somebody, not trying to be somebody else»…tears me up cause that was pretty much my brother’s response. *~R.I.P. Demetrius~*

  10. раф:

    be yourself don’t let yourself down that who uu have to be sure u never let down first if u wanna be the best

  11. Artem Zhechev:

    MISSIN MUSIC LIKE THIS SO~0000 Baddddddddddddd !!!!!!!!! Mannn They Can SING ANTHING………………….

  12. жека руская:

    i remember listening to this as a s a kid…. im 14 now… so happy to have found this again thanks for this

  13. ZORO:

    i absolutely love this song.. my mum always says that it reminds her of me.. and thank you jula4ka for putting together such an awesome video

  14. jadorehardcore barbar1s:

    clips taken from the best Superman movie since Reeves past, don’t care what anyone else say this movie is far better than the Man of Steel franchise

  15. Челендж Pro:

    desde q vi tu video hace muchos años me facino y te hablo de hace años q salio en un un vcd de una revistta q todavia tengo

  16. mini girl фильчакова:

    no lyrics?! no offense but is it clickbait? like even the tinyest bit clickbait? i love it though. good vid

  17. BrandHD:

    my only issue with this song is it reminds me of one of my closest freinds. some of the picture look similar to where he started his treck to fiddlers green. may his canteen never hold water.

  18. Нелли Фастовская:

    i was surprised by you said.but i wish you much peace and for your brother alsor r this song really rock!!!!!!!!!

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